E FUN APEN Touch8 Gives All Windows 8 Users Touch Input

With Windows 8 making its way into consumer’s hands, comes the need to find a solution to allow touch input for those who have upgraded from Windows 7.  When buying your Windows 8 computer, you should have gotten a touch capable screen with it.  After all, that’s what Windows 8 is all about; its touch screen capabilities.  A company called E FUN, has came up with a solution to give most screens that do not have touchscreen capabilities, exactly what they’re missing – touchscreen capabilities, via a stylus.  E FUN introduces the APEN Touch8, which will be up for demo at CES 2013.

The APEN Touch8 uses ultrasonic and infrared technologies, which operates as a multi-touch-screen digitizer, providing touch-panel functionality where there was not once before.  The Touch8 system comes with a cordless digital stylus, a detachable receiver, and connects via a USB connection.  The max coverage area is listed at 15.6″, so this one will mainly be for notebook users.

The APEN Touch8 will be available Q1 2013 for a retail price of $79.99.


“There are about 600-million Windows 7 PCs and laptops in use today that can be upgraded to Windows 8,” stated Jason Liszewski, managing director and VP of sales for E FUN. “The problem is that all of the platforms on which they run do not offer touch-screen technology. Our APEN Touch8 system allows these units to be easily and economically upgraded to include a touch function to take advantage of all that Windows 8 has to offer.”


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