DualShock4 Now Pair Wirelessly With PS3

Playstation 3 users rejoice! While the PS4 has been compatible with select PS3 games since the new console launch, it had required a USB cable connection. Now, Playstation has released a firmware update for last-gen that allows the DualShock 4 controller to pair wirelessly with the PS3. Sony hadn’t announced anything about the new provision prior to launch. In fact, Playstation’s system update page only mentions stability improvements.

The discovery seems to have risen from Reddit(r/PS3). Here’s a video of the setup:


In short:

  1. With the DS4 plugged in, turn the system on.
  2. Scan for devices under Settings > Accessory Settings > Manage Bluetooth Devices.
  3. Unplug controller.
  4. Hold the Home and Share buttons.
  5. Once the light bar starts flashing, plug the controller back in and select the Wireless Controller option.
  6. Once the pairing is complete, you’re free to unplug the controller!

The syncing utilizes the DualShock 4’s Bluetooth hardware and pairs as a generic wireless controller. Unfortunately, the usability still leaves some gamers wanting. Some report no home button functionality or spotty issues with certain games (which really is just exactly how the DS4 performed previously with the wired connection). Hopefully PlayStation gets full native support hammered out for the controller, as many still using the previous generation prefer the new controller.