DTS Delivers up to 11.1 Home Theater Surround Sound Thru Headphones

DTS Inc. announced the company’s most advance headphone technology to date, the DTS Headphone X, which is capable of recreating the home theater surround sound experience with a pair of headphones.  The technology behind the headphones allows the listener to perceive the sound as it coming from high quality loudspeakers located some distance around them.  The DTS Headphones:X allow owners the ability to capture the acoustics of a high quality audio production studio and control the manner in which they are reproduced at the consumers end. Pricing and availability have not been announced yet.

By combining it with DTS’ latest solutions portfolio, which includes DTS Neo:X and the company’s all-new DTS Headphone:X, the company sets a new bar for UHD solutions with an advanced, flexible, and comprehensive technology suite for next-generation audio delivery and playback.

“The DTS UHD solution will deliver beyond 3D sound over as many speakers as the listener would like, but UHD audio is about more than just a bunch of speakers,” said Fred Kitson, Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President at DTS. “Its about immersive sound over headphones. It’s about expanded features that provide enhanced value to content owners and distributors. It’s about offering the consumer greater choice and flexibility in their listening environments as well as a newfound level of engagement with their sound experience.”

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