Don’t Have Internet Access? Microsoft Says Stick with the Xbox 360

The Xbox One requires an Internet connection. If that is a concern for you, Microsoft has some advice for you: stick with an Xbox 360! In an interview with Spike TV at the E3 show Tuesday, Xbox executive Don Mattrick responded to the complaints about the Xbox One’s demand for an Internet connection. “Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity,” Mattrick said. “It’s called Xbox 360.”


The interviewer then chimed in, saying “So stick with 360, that’s your message…?” To which Mattrick responded, “Well, if you have zero access to the Internet, that [360] is an offline device.” Don Mattrick than said that he read in a blog comment from someone who serves on a nuclear sub that doesn’t have internet access and said he didn’t even get what that means. Talk about digging a hole!


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