Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counterattack available to play

Back in the ’80s one of the coolest games in the arcade was Donkey Kong. You might not know that Nintendo licenses the franchise to a company called Hudson Soft to allow the company to develop games based on the franchise for the Japanese personal computer market. Most of these games have been grabbed from the discs they were originally on and put online to play with emulators.

One of the games, Donkey Kong 3: The Great Counter Attack has finally made the move to emulator availability. The game was grabbed off a diskette containing the version of the game for the Sharp X1 computer reports Kotaku.

After extracting the game, it has been put online to play with an X1 emulator. The game is sort of a sequel to Donkey Kong 3 and sees Stanley The Bugman shooting bug spray at DK to keep him from coming down and killing the player.

The game plays outside of the greenhouses the original took place in. Players get to play across the entire universe. Check out the video to see the game in action.