Diamond Radeon HD 5750 OC Video Card Review

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Temperature Testing

To test the temperatures of the Sapphire Vapor X 5750 I fired up FurMark 1.70 and GPUz. Running FurMark at a resolution of 1024×768 was more than enough to bring the work load to 100%

Furmark 1.70

All temperatures were taken with the fan control on auto. Starting out at 51 degrees is comparable to where the reference 5750 started out. Under full load, however, is a different story. The reference card jumped up to 74 degrees while the HIS Radeon HD5750 heated up to 73 degrees.  Obviously it’s not a direct comparison since testing conditions vary between two different writers but you can find the details on the reference card here.

HIS Radeon HD5750 temperatures

Benchmark Results: The fact that the Diamond Radeon HD5750 got as hot as it did was a little disappointing to me. Granted, once it got to that temperature it held steady and was nowhere near dangerous to the card. Although, I had higher hopes for the temperature because it is using a third party cooler from Arctic Cooling.

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