Diamond MP1000 Media Wonder Full 1080P HD Player Review

The Diamond MP1000 Media Wonder is a very comparable player with others in its class with its passively cooled Realtek 1073 chipset making for silent operation. Read on for more information about Diamond MP1000 Media Wonder and to see how it compares to its competition!

Diamond MP1000 Media Wonder Full 1080P HD Player

Today we’re reviewing the new network media player (NMT) from Diamond Multimedia, the MP1000 Media Wonder HD for just under $130. We seem to be seeing more and more media players on the market in about the same price range that allow you to play the media that you’ve collected on your home network. Like the Patriot Box Office, ASUS O!Play, Western Digital TV Live, and Seagate FreeAgent Theater, the Diamond Media Wonder HD connects to your local network via 10/100 Ethernet or wireless (with additional adapter, not supplied) and plays media on Windows Shares, via uPnP media servers, or from attached USB devices.


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