Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris trailer shows off new Weapons and Armor

This week has been a big one for fans of Destiny 2. The developers of the game called off a livestream to show off details of the coming expansion Curse of Osiris to talk to fans about what the future held for the game. Fans were angry over the lack of communication among other things. Now that that chat has been had, the trailer for the expansion has landed that shows off new weapons and armor.

Curse of Osiris will land on December 5 and some of the items that are coming with the download will be familiar to fans. If you don’t want any spoilers, you should stop reading here and skip the video Bungie has published. You have been warned.

Word is that the hand cannon seen in the video looks a lot like Red Death, the exotic pulse rifle from the original Destiny game. New raid armor at around 25-seconds looks cool and is Hive themed. That suggests a Hive themed raid speculates PCGamer.

You only have a few days until the DLC lands and the video makes it look interesting. Bungie has promised to fix some of the things in the game that have angered gamers so. Only time will tell if what Bungie has plans makes gamers happy again.