Department of Defense Using Asetek Water Cooling in Data Centers

Asetek today announced that its ISAC (Inside Server Air Conditioning) has been selected by the DoD (Department of Defense) to participate in its TROPEC (Transformative Reductions in Operational Energy Consumption) program. TROPEC is a collaborative Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Energy (DOE) program that targets game-changing enhanced energy efficiency for critical applications at military forward ISAC operations, such as data centers and communications.

Asetek ISAC Cooling Solution


ISAC is the next generation of Asetek’s RackCDU data center liquid-cooling product line. Unlike the traditional RackCDU products, which can eliminate 80% of server cooling load in the data center, ISAC eliminates the need for active cooling altogether by removing 100% of server heat through Asetek’s proprietary liquid-cooling solution. As a result, ISAC offers significant energy savings and enhanced system reliability in harsh operating environments.

“Cooling is the major barrier for efficiency in the data center industry,” said Andre Eriksen, Asetek’s CEO. “With RackCDU, we are moving the industry away from their dependence on active cooling. ISAC takes that transition to its logical conclusion by eliminating air-conditioning from the data center completely.”

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