Dell Unveils New Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet

Dell has announced a new Latitude 10 Essentials line of laptop computers at CES 2013.  The Latitude 10 Essentials is the first full-featured, enterprise-ready Windows 8 tablet priced below $500. Built for schools and small businesses, the new tablet is designed to be affordably and deploy easily across organizations of all sizes.  

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet

The Latitude 10 is available with an optional dock that includes a keyboard and mouse to get the best out of your office productivity as you make it a “desktop replacement”.  There is a full-sized USB port and SD card as well to enable easy file transfer and backup when you can’t reach the internet.  Dell’s Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet is now available in a 64 GB model for $579. The 32 GB model will be released in a few months for $499.

Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet

The Latitude 10 is equipped with Microsoft Windows 8 designed to increase learning productivity and collaboration by maximizing learning time with instant access to resources through the Instant-On with Connected Stand-By mode feature. The new tablet is powered by Intel’s Atom system on a chip and can run Windows 8 Snap Mode, allowing students and teachers to easily multi-task between two applications, such as interacting with a remote teacher via Skype while taking notes in Microsoft OneNote.

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