Dell Trying To Go Private

Rumors online are saying that Dell has held talks with two private-equity firms about potentially taking the company private! The thought of Dell becoming a privately held company has caused investors to get excited and the company’s stock is up more than 15% since the rumors have come out. The rumor mill says that talks between Dell and private-equity firms have been going on for the last two to three months. Dell has declined to comment on the rumors, but who knows! The Wall Street Journal reported that Dell has recently held talks with buyout firms Silver Lake Partners and TPG about going private.

Dell Logo

Two years after Michael Dell said he had considered taking his personal-computer company private, Dell is reportedly in preliminary talks with two firms about going private, Bloomberg News reported yesterday, citing two people familiar with the matter. It added that no deal may happen as the firms might not be able to line up the financing needed or “resolve how to exist the investment in the future.”


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