Dell Releases Their New Ultra Sharp 31.5 Inch 8K Monitor: UP3218K

Enthusiasts aren’t hesitant when it comes to making sure they own the best of the best. The flagship models are the ones normally flocked to and computer monitors aren’t an exception. Last year we saw everyone rave about 4k resolution while many of us still have Quad HD monitors sitting on our desks. The better a monitor performs (whether it be in terms of quick response times and refresh rates or color accuracy and sharpness for photo editing) is what draws the attention towards innovation and new gadgets. Recently, Dell released their new UltraSharp 32 8K Monitor: UP3218K. The 8K monitor has a native resolution of 7680 x 4620 with a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Dell utilized their PremierColor technology to deliver accurate color representation as well as offer a display that doesn’t have noticeable pixels. Another great feature are its narrow bezels that are described as being ‘virtually borderless.’ The aspect ratio of the monitor is standard widescreen (16:9) with the 31.5 inch IPS panel that supports 1.07 billion colors. The UP3218K can also swivel and rotate to stand up in portrait mode which would offer good utilization when reading or writing text documents (just in time for finals).

Understandably, Dell’s new UltraSharp 31.5 inch 8K monitor won’t be on most of our ‘must buy’ lists anytime soon, it’s always great to see the progress. Plus, who knows. You may get matched with someone generous enough on Reddit Gifts who’s willing to drop the $5000 that this monitor retails for.