Dell Canvas Teased As “Coming Soon”

At CES 2017 at the Adobe MAX conference, Dell revealed a large Dell 27-inch QHD touch screen Canvas –a massive workstation—with minimal PC quality components built in. The Dell Canvas comes with large bezels which allow comfortably allocate their arms on their work station. Its build appears to rival the Microsoft Surface Studio AIO and is built for designs and digital artwork. With technology improving, this product allows are creativity to catch up with our technology.

Dell Canvas


Although the Dell Canvas is 27 inches, it makes its presence feel much larger. In addition to native measurement. An appropriate amount of bezels are to provide room and function as arm rests for users. In addition to providing room for a comfortable posture, the product allows users to adjust position to allow adjusted angles. The canvas allows users to “create, communicate, and express your thoughts and ideas as naturally as on paper.”

Dell Canvas

In retrospect to the Surface Dial which comes with the Surface Studio, the dial which comes with the Dell Canvas is introduced as a totem. The Dell totem features a 20 point multi touchscreen. Due to the appropriate large size of the canvas, it appears as though it is designed to be used by more than a single user. In addition to size allowing more than one user at a time, the product allows use of multiple totems at once. The totem will not begin to function until it makes contact within the display portion of the canvas.

The Sticky Note app as seen in the video below in the video has been updated with improvements.

  • create a new note from the jump list
  • font change to Segoe UI for emojis
  • UI and text improvements
  • improved launching speed


The Dell Canvas was believed around CES 2017 to arrive in March and the new Dell Canvas introduction video labels it as “Coming Soon.” It is believed to be priced under $2000.