DeepCool UF120 120mm Case Fan Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions of the Deep Cool UF 120

To kick off my conclusion, here is a nice simple shot of the Deep Cool UF120 cooling fan mounted to the side panel of my NZXT Beta EVO PC case.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Mounted

I’d like to say starting off I didn’t have super high hopes for DeepCool. I’ve come across their products in the past and they were good, but nothing revolutionary. Though, they were fair priced and had a nice accessory pack with them. So coming into my reviewing process, while I remained objective; my expectations, while not high, were open to anything. I was pleasantly surprised to find this fan to be such a solid contender in the low-noise fan category.

Performance wise, the UF 120, as I would like to mention once more, is a case fan through and through. It won’t be a great heatsink fan. It does everything it says it will do though. Almost all of it’s specifications are right on the line and hold well within their 10% deviation value. It most definitely is a quiet solution for a case fan and fairly unmatched in it’s sound profile except by fans that cost $5 to $10 more. All in all, this fan is solid in terms of performance.

Accessories and packing of the UF 120 were actually top notch. They included about all you could want with the fan. With a few issues regarding using regular screws, and it damaging the TPE Coating, I can say this fan isn’t perfect. Regular threaded screws will tear up the inner TPE coating of the fan, but this will not occur if you used the included rubber fan screws. Which are also a benefit of the product as they do help absorb and reduce vibrations from the product.

Price wise, this fan comes in on Google Shopping at $20.95 at it’s lowest price, which is just a bit higher then I would like to see. The price, while more than I may spend, is definitely on the low side for sound enthusiasts who enjoy a truly quiet PC. Coming in $10 less than some of the big name fan vendors quiet solutions. This is a new product though, so prices can settle in the future and make the value of the product even higher.

There is no mention of the fans warranty on the site or in the packaging and I can’t help but feel a little bit let down in that regard. We contacted Deep Cool and waited for a month to get a response from them on the warranty and even though they sent us the fan to review they failed to answer our warranty question. If you buy one of these, don’t expect any support.

Legit Bottom Line: DeepCool has come across my eyes a second time and astounded me with an excellent case fan that has great features and is just a tad pricey at $20.95.

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