DeepCool UF120 120mm Case Fan Review

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Putting the Deep Cool UF 120 to the test

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Airflow Test

Well right off the bat we see some good things from the UF 120, it holds well within it’s +/- 10% specification. And actually does much better staying within 3% of the nominal value.

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Sound Pressure Test

Here we’ve got our Sound Pressure test, again staying well within spec. As it’s actually just a tad lower than what Deep Cool’s noted value of 27.8dB(A). While 7v level seems a tad high, it’s still in the good as sound pressure doubles every 10 Decibels. So 26dB(A) is almost twice as loud as 16dB(A)

Deep Cool UF120 120mm Case Fan Static Pressure Test

Now here’s our static pressure readings. Falling almost right in line on where they should be. All values are pretty much on the dot as to what the charts showed earlier.
I would like to point out that these readings are a low if you were to use these fans on anything like a Heatsink or Radiator. But for the purpose of which these fans were designed, as case fans, then this rating is perfectly fine.

Though you still want some static pressure, as it’s the measurement of how efficiently your fan can push air through a restrictive surface. And in a case this usually comes down to fan grills & hard drive cages. Which have large open holes for airflow. So it’s not much of a concern.

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