DeepCool UF120 120mm Case Fan Review

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Testing Methodolgy of Fans

Fan Test Equipment

Today we’ll be testing 4 Aspects of this fan:

  • Sound Pressure Level (recorded in dBA)
  • Airflow (recorded in CFM)
  • Static Pressure (recorded in mmH20)
  • Heat Tolerance (testing done at 30*C)

The Testing Equipment that I will be using was purchased by myself, it includes:

  • Dwyer Differential Pressure Gauge Model 2000-00 AV
  • General Tools DCFM8906 Digital Air Flow Meter
  • Tenma Digital Sound Level Meter
  • Kintrex IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
  • Universal Enterprises DM383B Digital Multimeter

The fan will under go one test at a time for 30 minutes and I’m doing multiple testing levels:

Testing w/ 5v & 7v resistors. Along with one 30 minute test at each voltage level for Airflow, and Static Pressure (as I can’t measure static pressure and Airflow at the same time) and I do sound level tests each time to make sure my results are repeatable.

Sound Pressure Level Testing will be done at the same level as the fan, at a distance of 1 Meter.

For Pulse Width Modulation testing, I connect the fan to my motherboard, apply my digital multimeter to the fan connector to make sure it’s getting supplied the proper amount of voltage, and then use my BIOS to dynamically control the fan fan speed in a percentage value. And leave it to run for 30 minutes with my above specifications and record values for the whole time frame.

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