Deepcool ASSASSIN Twin-Tower CPU Cooler Announced

Deepcool today unveiled a new twin-tower designed CPU cooler today, called Assassin. The launch date and price is unknown for the moment, so we are a little light on the crucial details here. Not much is said in the announcement, but Deepcool did mention that it features eight 6mm copper heatpipes that are nickle plated and that it comes with a 120mm fan for push operation and a 140mm fan for pull operation. The cooler has optional mounts for a third fan if it will fit inside your PC case with it on. One thing is ertain is that the Assassin cooling performance won’t be hampered by airflow!

Deepccol ASSASSIN Twin-Tower CPU Cooler

Performance-and-Silence is the core of this twin-tower designed air cooler. Featuring eight 6mm copper heatpipes and a shining nickel plated heatsink, the Assassin could dissipate heat very effectively. The Assassin will come with two fans, both of which are patented with rubber cover frame. One fan is 120mm functioning as the pushing force, and the other is 140mm that could be mounted between the two towers to draw hot air through the heatsink. In addition, a third fan can be attached if the motherboard design allows it. And the Assassin is fully equipped to support Intel LGA775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM2+/AM3.


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