Danger Den NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 All Copper Water Block Review

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Temperature Testing

Legit Reviews Core i7 Watercooling test bench

First we have the card running the stock settings and voltage.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block stock temps

With the card loaded up and the card controlling the fan speed the temps sat
at a toasty 92*C. Using EVGA precision utility you can over ride the
auto fan control and make the fan run at 100%. In doing so the temps
dropped to 76*C, but at the cost of having something that is almost as
loud as a hair dryer running all the time. The Danger Den tamed the
beast to very nice 49*C, that’s hair shy of 50% cooler then the stock
cooler with the stock fan profile.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block OC temps

Next I pushed the stock cooler as far as I could and it topped out at
830mhz core, 1028 on memory, 1660 on the shaders with stock voltage.
With the card under full load the temp was at a very toasty 100*C. With
the Danger Den block it was a very nice 52*C again almost half that of
the stock cooler.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block OC temps

With the Danger Den block running so nicely you can really OC the
card. With the core pushed to 900Mhz it was running at a very nice 56*C,
that is still 20*C cooler then the stock HSF could do with stock
settings for the card with the fan running full speed.

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