Danger Den NVIDIA GeForce GTX480 All Copper Water Block Review

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Looking closer at the DD-GTX480

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block

First thing I noticed taking the DD-GTX480 out of the box was its weight, man this thing is heavy. Weighing in a whopping 2lb 7.2 oz (~1.2 kg) there is now doubt its one big hunk of copper.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block finish

The finish on the top is very nice, polished to a mirror shine and a magnet for finger prints. On the lower front edge of the card there is the Danger Den double D logo engraved into the block.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block

Flipping the block over we can get a good look at the backside. Now even though you can see the path of the CNC machine that made the block. I love the look of this, but despite its looks it does have a very nice flat surface.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block capacitor cut outs

Since this a full cover block there are some large capacitors on the video card that need to be avoided/made room for. These are also areas to pay attention to when assembling the block onto the card. The block is closely made to match the card, and if you’re not careful you could knock a capacitor loose.

Danger Den DD-GTX480 Water Block seating surface

The seating surface for the fittings is very nice as well. The DD-GTX480 comes with two plugs and a pair of hose barbs of your choice of 1/4“, 3/8″, or 1/2″ ID tubing. We received 1/2″ barbs with our sample, but you can customize your order.

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