Cyberpower Zeus M2 Intel Ultrabook Review

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Benchmarking the CyberPower Zeus M2 Ultrabook

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook 3DMark

The Cyberpower Zeus M2 isn’t a gaming power house. In 3DMark 11 we scored a score of E1166 in the entry level preset.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook 3DMark

The performance preset in 3DMark 11 yielded us a score of only P635.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook x264 HD Video Encoding

The x264 HD Video encoding benchmark is a good tool for determining the video encoding capabilities of the system. Currently we are running version 5.0.1 which is the latest. We found that the Zeus M2 was able to average ~26 frames per second on the first pass and just under 4.8 frames per second on the second pass.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook Memory Performance

In SiSoftware Sandra the Zeus M2 hit an aggregate memory performance of 20GB/s. That can be attributed to the 16Gb of Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz memory installed into the system.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook PCMark 7 Performance

In PCMark 7 the Zeus M2 was able to achieve an overall score of 4574!

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook SSD Performance

The Intel 520 Series SSD was able to hit some very impressive speeds, more so for the read though. The sequential read of the Cyberpower Zeus M2 was 458.7MB/s while the sequential write was limited to 185.7MB/s. I popped my head into the review of the Intel 520 ‘Cherryville’ SSD and the write was considerable faster hitting 300.2MB/s. This may be a result of the drive having data on it (nearly 45% full) and being in use as the primary drive.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook Battery Life

Firing up Powermark we set the screen brightness to 100% and set the benchmark to run the balanced test. we found that our Cyberpower Zeus M2 could run the test for 2 hours and 58 minutes at these settings.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Ultrabook Battery Life

We wanted to see if we could increase the battery life of the Zeus M2 so we dropped the screen brightness to the lowest that we could. Running the same balanced test we were able to increase our battery life to 3 hours and 29 minutes, or ~17%.

Cyberpower Zues M2 Power Consumption

The Cyberpower Zeus M2 Ultrabook really does just sip the power, even under heavy loads like Prime95. The highest power consumption we saw was with both Prime95 Large FFT’s and 3DMark 11, both were sitting at only 33 Watts. Sitting idle and fully charged we were drawing only 11 Watts. Sitting idle and charging we doubled that up to 22 Watts, still remarkably low.

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