Crucial Ballistix Tracer PC2-5300 Review

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Ballistix LED’s Up Close

While most memory outfitted with LEDs tend to be much taller than normal memory, sometimes causing issues in cramped systems, the Tracer memory we are looking at today is the same size as typical DDR2 modules. Each module is covered by a gloss black heat spreader with chrome clips adorned with the Crucial logo.

 Ballistix LEDs

 Each module is also fitted with two rows of eight bright green and red LEDS, as well as something much different then similar kits from Corsair. The Tracer memory also has bright blue LEDs along the bottom of the memory, above the pins, which brightly aluminate the DIMM slots and surrounding motherboard.

Ballisitx activity LEDs

Those of you who read my articles on a regular basis know I’m not a fan of flashy products, I’m much more interested and impressed with quality and performance, but even I’m impressed with the light show put on by the Crucial Ballistix Tracer memory.

So, besides an impressive look, what does this Tracer memory bring to the table? Under the black aluminum heatspreaders, Crucial uses a black PCB. Being a subsidiary of Micron, it only makes sense for these modules to use Micron memory chips. These modules have standard Micron chips arranged in a double sided configuration. What might disappoint some is the use of “standard” memory chips instead of the “fat body” chips that enthusiasts crave. Another factor which might affect the performance of these modules is the use of a double sided configuration, as most memory experts believe that single sided modules tend to be better overclockers.

Let’s see how these modules stack up against some of their biggest rivals in the DDR2 memory market.

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