CPU Cooler Round Up – Intel Quad Core Tested

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Results continued

Cooler Round UP Overclocked Intel Idle Temps

With the Q6600 overclocked at 3.0 GHz and idling we have the Noctua cooler in front, with the ZEROtherm in second, and and the Zalman in third. All are doing very well at almost 20 degrees cooler than the stock Intel cooler.

Cooler Round UP Overclcocked Intel Load Temps

With the system under load we have more of the same. In the lead is Noctua, followed by ZEROtherm and Zalman. I was suprised to see the stock cooling holding up to the overclocked Q6600; I fully expected the temps to be in the low 80’s. Even though I still do not consider low 70’s to be a healthy temperature for long-term use.

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