Cougar Launches More Challenger PC Case Color Options

COUGAR has taken note of the growing popularity of their Challenger computer case and will be launching a whole new line of colors for 2013. The Challenger mid-tower case currently comes is the three colors (black, white and orange), but COUGAR is adding four more colors (yellow, green, red, and blue) sometime in 2013.

Cougar Challenger

The case is particularly targeted to gamers demanding a large upgradeability capacity, with optimal airflow and ventilation characteristics. COUGAR’s fun color combinations paired with the large metal-mesh front bezel lends it an aggressive yet stylish appearance. One unique design highlight is to be found right on the top of the case: to power up your computer you first have to lift a cover lid just like a pilot unlocks a missile button to fire. This is a safety feature to prevent accidental engagements, while at the same time giving you a fun gaming-mode feeling right away.

COUGAR officially launches their latest ultimate gaming mid-tower case, the COUGAR Challenger mid-case’s, resembling a fighter jet’s cockpit with its trigger button to fire or release other deathly loads. Even a safety lid is implemented, that prevents users from accidentally hitting the power button. The very roomy and highly-ventilated CHALLENGER is therefore not only targeting gamers by its functionality, but also understands to convince by enticing exterior, drawing a clear line between the competition.The Challenger also offers a unique 3-Mode drive cage concept for overly-long advanced graphics cards.

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