Cortana Virtual Assistant in Windows Phone 8.1 Appears

Have you heard about Cortana, the digital personal assistant that will be available in Windows Phone 8.1 by Microsoft? It appears that Cortana will be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Now. It appears that the assistant named Cortana was inspired from the Microsoft’s Halo video game franchise as in Halo your AI assistant shares the same name. A new leaked video appears to show off Microsoft’s coming personal digital assistant, codenamed ‘Cortana,’ in action. The video looks real, but sadly the person shooting the video never spoke a word. This is officially the worst voice recognition/personal assistant demo ever made, but it gives you a look at what Microsoft is planning. It also shows you how Cortana uses software to learn about your behavior to better predict how it can assist you. The video shows what appears to show the Cortana setup process. You have to have a Microsoft account to activate Cortana and you can enable or disable a number of features. You can see Microsoft’s new virtual assistant software in action in the video below.

We will likely find out all about Cortana early next month when Microsoft holds its Build conference.