Corsair XMS2 DOMINATOR PC2-8888 Memory Review

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Sciencemark, Super Pi

ScienceMark 2.0 Final:

Science Mark 2.0 is an attempt to put the truth behind benchmarking. In an attempt to model real world demands and performance, ScienceMark 2.0 is a suite of high-performance benchmarks that realistically stress system performance without architectural bias. All of our testing was completed on the 32 Bit Final benchmark version that is dated March 21st 2005.

Corsair XMS2 DOMINATOR PC2-8888 Sciencemark Results

Results: In Sciencemark 2 the same trend holds true and we see a difference between each memory setting.

Super PI Mod v1.5:

Super PI is a program a lot of enthusiasts use to benchmark overall system performance, as the program is capable of calculating pi up to 33.55 million digits on a timer. Many overclockers and enthusiasts are in a battle to get the lowest 1M Super Pi time possible.

Corsair XMS2 DOMINATOR PC2-8888 Super Pi Results

Results: Super Pi Mod v1.5 shows improved performance when the frequencies get faster. The slowest divider scores 33.656 seconds when the fasted clocked 30.328 seconds.  Cutting over 3 seconds off our super pi time is good. 

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