Corsair XMS Xpert Arrives

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Xpert Explained

The New Stuff: XMS Xpert Series

Here are the “guts” of the Corsair Xpert modules. As you can see the bottom of the display offers two connection points. This will allow users to switch from the display to the left or right depending on the memory configuration and other objects in your case. Due to the overhang that these modules produce they will not work perfectly with all motherboards, so measure before you buy these.

The Connection Interface

When looking at the top of the module you can see the 34 pins that are used to conect the top LED display to the memory module. These pins are the only thing that holds the display on the module. I’m sure many of you LAN gamers and travelers are thinking how this will hold up, and to be honest so is Legit Reviews. Corsair assured us that it is secure and will not come off (read the following interview for their response), but only time will tell. We did remove the display while the computer was running and re-install the display without any issues. Iif you like taking stuff apart with your PC running you have no worries.

Close-up of the display

This is where the money is at! The display will show system specs as well as any message you program into them via the software program that Corsair includes with your purchase. I think this is first time that you get a software CD when you buy memory!


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