Corsair XMS PC-4400 Memory

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As always we must overclock and push new technology to the edge and find the breaking points. Lately Legit Reviews has been going for stability and quality of our overclocks rather than showing a single benchmark and showing off unstable results. To get things stable at these speeds extra cooling on the northbridge to help keep the chipset cool while overclocking our system. The above image shows our test system on the bench. When it came to overclocking the Corsair XMS PC-4400 memory we found the max overclock to be 570MHz DDR with the most relaxed timings possible; 3-4-4-8, 1T. It was stable at these speeds, but any higher speed the system wouldn’t get into windows. I’ve had this processor up to 320MHz FSB before so the limiting factor in this situation is either the board or the memory. Either way running your system at 285MHz FSB with a 1:1 memory ratio is pretty darn impressive. It should also be noted that on the ASUS P4P800S-E motherboard the memory voltage only goes up to 2.85Vdimm, so it’s possible that these modules have more headroom if more voltage is available.

Below is a screen shots of our timings and frequency settings for our highest stable overclock.



Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

I believe that this is one of those situations where the product wrote the conclusion by the performance numbers it showed off, so this conclusion will be short and sweet. If one is looking to run their system at the highest possible frequency then Corsair’s XMS 4400 should be on the short list of memory that should be going into your system. Our XMS 4400 kit allowed us to overclock our FSB (Front Side Bus) to 285MHz, which is the highest stable FSB that we have been able to hit with DDRI memory using a 1:1 divider! By being able to run our system with a 1:1 memory divider we were able to get our memory up to 570MHz. This is well beyond what most of our readers systems can run, but for the select few with the right hardware this is not out of the question.

Legit Bottom Line:

Corsair’s XMS 4400 is the fastest memory that we have seen to date! Enough said…

If this memory does not suit your needs check to see if Corsair has any that do!

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