Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

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Looking closer at the Vengeance K70 (Part 2) 

Included with the K70 are a keypuller and a set of textured keycaps for WASD and 1-6.

20_keycaps 21_keycaps 23_keycaps 22_keycaps 24_keycaps

An included wrist rest can be attached to the K70. The wrist rest is secured by sliding and snapping the tabs into the slots on the underside and can be removed by pinching the tabs.

25_rest 26_rest 27_rest28_under

Something not commonly seen is risers on all four corners as opposed to the usual two. This gives some more options for personal adjustment. 

29_under 30_under


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    Have just bought it and man what a keyboard… I must admit i am becoming a Corsair fanboy, but it is for the most obvious of reasons: CORSAIR KNOWS WHAT WE WANT & WHAT WE NEED..!

    This is simply the main reasons, for me to change every last bit of hardware and accessories to Corsair.

    I have had several good brands within various hardware in my long gaming life, but I just have to conclude that Corsair is the only hardware manufacturer that complies with all the requirements I seek, such as quality, usability, features and large selection and silent products .


      Bought the SILVER edition!!!

  • Archimedes Trajano

    I haven’t bought the keyboard yet (price being a factor) but I have played around with it in the stores. I do agree with the assessment that it seems to be just a keyboard, but honestly that is exactly what I want.

    Having the standard layout with no extra keys on the side or some weird thing that goes on top or allowing breaking up the keyboard are generally useless additions for me.

    Although having a removable numeric pad for when I want to take the keyboard out with me (for the purposes of gaming only) would be nice.