Corsair Vengeance K60 and M60 FPS Keyboard & Mouse Review

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Looking closer at the Vengeance M60 laser gaming mouse

Vengeance M60 Side Buttons 

The left hand side of the Corsair Vengeance M60 has three fully
programmable buttons on it. By default they are programmed to page forward,
page back, and the red button enables sniper mode when held down. This drops
the DPI of the mouse by whatever you’ve customized it to. By default its 800
DPI. This makes it much easier to get the precise aim for when you’re zoomed in
trying to line up your target.

Vengeance M60 Top Buttons

On top you have your standard left and right click as well as your
scroll wheel. Above the scroll wheel you can see two more buttons. These are,
by default, your DPI up and down control buttons. They let you adjust the DPI
up or down to fit your liking. The increments can be set to your liking, and
are adjustable on the fly for you to be able to do whatever you are most
comfortable with.

Vengeance M60 Bottom

Taking a look at the base of the mouse you probably notice that there
are three large circles with what looks like a slot for a screw driver. These
are where the adjustable weights are located.

Vengeance M60 Weights

Once you take those screws out you have a weight that can then be
removed which allows you to place the weights in whatever spot you want them in
to make the mouse work best for your style of game play.

 Vengeance M60 Software

Once you get the latest software for your mouse, you will need to
install it and run the program. Once you launch it you will see your button
programming options. Here you’re able to fully customize and reprogram all 8 of
the buttons on the Corsair M60.

Vengeance M60 Software Performance

Clicking the second tab at the top takes you to
the performance page. Here you can customize your DPI, report rate, and lift
height. Being able to customize the lift height is a huge feature to me, as
some mice will track as you’re lifting it to reposition it which can be a pain.
This allows the user to adjust this to whatever settings they prefer it to be

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