Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 Low Voltage 1600MHz Review

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Media Encoding: x264 HD

Media Encoding: x264

Our first real-world test measures video encoding performance using the excellent x264HD benchmark developed by graysky and updated by Adrian Wong & Dashken which can be found here: X264HD is a free video encoding library that is very popular among video enthusiasts for its ability to produce high quality videos while maintaining reasonably small file sizes. The x264HD benchmark has been updated to version 4.0 and now includes an HD test clip. Video encoding processes are some of the most intense tasks a modern computer will complete, and they tend to be very sensitive to CPU core counts and memory bandwidth. The test repeats a 2-pass encode of a 720p MPEG2 source into a MPEG4 video file four times. The results of the test are reported in frames per second and here we present the average of the four benchmark runs.

x264 RAM test

We see that faster RAM does not translate into significantly faster encoding speed, particularly during Pass 1, with the fastest and slowest kits being within 0.5 FPS of each other.  During Pass 2, the Vengeance kit falls behind other kits with lower latency timings.

Next we will see how this kit performs in the popular Folding at Home application.

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