Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40 Gaming Headsets Reviewed

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Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

Barring the differences from the 3.5mm analog vs. USB interfaces and the inline controllers, the Raptor HS30 and Raptor HS40 headsets look and feel the same.

Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The only other thing packaged with each headset is warranty information. Corsair audio products come with a 2-year warranty.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The Raptor HS30 and HS40 are full-sized headsets. Along the earcups’ longest elliptical axis, the outer diameter measures 4 inches, but the inner diameter measures 2 inches. Some peoples’ ears may have a tight fit or not fit comfortably at all. Rotating the cups on their ball and socket joints may be required to align the elliptical space along the ear.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

Unlike the Vengeance headsets, the Raptor headsets do not have any hinge joints. Instead, each earcup on the HS30 and HS40 fits to the contour of the head by means of a ball-and-socket joint.

In contrast to the Corsair Vengeance headsets’ exposed metal, the Raptor headsets are constructed out of plastic and are thus quite lightweight though they don’t feel like hollow plastic. The outer surface of the earcups and the top piece of the headband has a shiny piano black finish.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The headband length is fully adjustable. Also visible in the below image is the padding on the headband. The headband along with the earcups is wrapped in leather.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The microphone is mounted on a swiveling 5.75 inch bendable boom.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The HS30 and HS40 have different inline controller designs. The HS30 has a sliding switch to mute the microphone and a headphone volume control wheel. The HS40 has three buttons: two on each end for headphone volume control and microphone mute in the center.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

The HS40 inline controller will change color when the microphone is muted. Instead of the steady blue light when plugged in, the lights will change to red.Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40 Corsair Raptor HS30 and HS40

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  • Armando Cerón

    Bought 5, sound quality and noice cancelling is good, but 4 of them just broke or got welding problems after 3 months of constant use. I would not recommend to buy this unless you are super carefull and have some electronics knowledge to repair them.

  • ReasonableConsumer

    Don’t listen to these chimps they know nothing about headsets and surround quality, the HS40 have real 7.1 wich for its price its surprising the sound quality its literally the best you can find for that price, some ignorants like Kiba Gonzalez that say ”it doesn’t work!” don’t know that you must first install the drivers first, it also would be a good ideia to configure it to your preferred settings before you start using them, IF it happens that your hs40 really doesn’t work just after buying them you should not worry because they have 1 year warranty and you can get a new one.

  • Kiba Gonzalez

    just bought them, plugged them in, they didnt work. dont buy this.

  • Helen

    There is a back ground noise that shouldn’t be there can I fix it

  • Cukumbermouth

    I have this headset and i have no regrets, i like it. Dont like sound quality? fix it up with the eq. the virtual surround is good for gaming i use it for bf 4 and it makes the game more immersive

    • Christopher George

      does it require the corsair software to work or will it work right out of the box?

      • David Yee

        The HS30 is analog and will work right out of the box.

        The HS40 is USB and technically works right of out of the box after the plug-and-play driver is loaded.

        • Christopher George

          That’s what I figured just wanted to make sure.

  • Cyka


  • madlamb

    Does it works for ps3?

  • Wolf

    Have you tried testing the playback quality without Xear activated? bypassing Xear for me brightened up music or any audio. With Xear on i found them extreamly muddy and bland.

    • David Yee

      Yes. Sound quality is lost when processing virtual surround through Xear and Dolby Headphone (latter is used with the Vengeance headsets.) I prefer to let the game engine handle the positional audio.

  • Not Pound Land Manager

    ~Dear Not Happy mr Nappy.

    Pound Land Doesnt Make Headsets. They Buy Generic Headsets From Other Companies And Sell It.

    Not Pound land Manager

  • Not happy

    PoundLand makes better headset than this.. Mic only kinda works if you gaffa tape it to your face