Corsair PC-3200 Value Select Memory

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Overclocking & Latency Testing:

As always we must overclock and push new technology to the edge and find the breaking points. Lately Legit Reviews has been going for stability and quality of our overclocks rather than showing a single benchmark and showing off unstable results. All the numbers that you will see below have been found to be stable via RST Pro2 testing. When it came to overclocking the Corsair Value Select memory we found the max overclock to be 450MHz DDR with the specified timings and 2.8Vdimm set in BIOS. This gave us a solid 50MHz increase over default and is a great overclock in our opinion for a value product. We tried running the modules at CL2, but the system was unable to load windows when set this agressive.


Overclocking (2.5-3-3-7):

Default Settings

Max O/C @ 2.5-3-3-7



Nathan Kirsch’s Thoughts:

Before I jump into the technical mumbo jumbo one last thing needs to be touched on before we can sum up this product — pricing. Corsair’s PC-3200 Value Select (Pricing) memory was found to be roughly $23 less per module than the Corsair XMS 3200LL (Pricing). As you can tell from our benchmarking and stress testing just because a product says “value” on it doesn’t mean that it is junk or a cheap knock off. If having the ultimate performance system is not your main goal Corsair Value Select memory will allow you to save your hard earned cash while allowing you to stay with a quality product that has the Corsair brand name on it and backed by their lifetime warranty and customer support.

As far as performance is concerned these value modules tested out very well! The benckmark testing showed that they could hang with some of the best performance memory that Corsair offers on the market. This says a bunch since our value select part managed to stay pretty close to our double sided Corsair XMS LL modules that were running at a more aggressive CAS Latency of 2. As if this wasn’t enough already they also managed to overclock all the way up to 450MHz at CL2.5! Not only do these modules perform great they also can overclock! Again this was unexpected, but we are not complaining by any means.

After seeing how well this memory performs and overclocks we feel that it deserves our Editor’s Choice. Also the fact that our memory was bought by ourselves and was from two different lots of modules we are impressed by how well they did!

Legit Bottom Line:

Who was it that said value memory is junk? Forget generic memory and look at the value lines that are offered by the big name companies. While it may be an extra few dollars it is well worth it over the no name brands!

If this memory does not suit your needs check to see if Corsair has any that do!

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