Corsair PC-3200 Value Select Memory

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Epic Games; Unreal Tournament 2003:

Using the full installation of Unreal Tournament 2003 along with the newest patch gives us a very nice real world benchmark! A resolution of 640×480 was tested in Direct3D on one of our custom benchmarks to see if any differences could be observed.

UT2k3 benchmarks


NovaLogic; Comanche 4:

The Comanche 4 benchmark demo is a unique benchmark as it represents a real-world gaming experience. It contains the single player Eagle’s Talon mission from the game as well as a detailed cinematic. This DirectX 8.1 benchmark demo measures your system’s performance in the standard frames per second format. We ran our benchmark at 640 x 480.

Comanche 4


FutureMark; 3dmark2001 SE, Build 330:


Once we switch over to some real games and a popular synthetic benchmark we see the same slight performance difference that we noted during bandwidth testing.

Lets go ahead and look at overclocking on our Value Select modules and then wrap this article up!

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