Corsair Hydro Series H50 CPU Water Cooling Kit Review

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Results, and a “What If” Scenario

Corsair H50 Stock Temperatures

With the test system running at stock settings the H50 cooled our Core i7 920 to 58.75*C under load. Which is good; what is not so good is the idle temperature – it is a little on the high side at 42.50*C. Now Corsair has the H50 compared to, and beating, the Thermalright Ultra 120 eXtreme 1366 (also known as TRUE) in its promo videos. In our test case the two are neck and neck.

Corsair H50 Overclocked Temperatures

With the system overclocked to 3.5GHz the heat is on and the H50 moves up a spot on the chart ahead of the Thermalright Ultra 120, but they are still neck and neck with only a 0.25 of a degree separating them.

What if…

Corsair H50 with Dual Noctua Nf-12P 120mm Fans

Now I decided to try out the system with two fans because I knew our readers would ask if we had them and what the temps would be. So I mounted up the H50 system with a pair of Noctua NF-P12 120mm fans in the exhausting configuration, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Corsair H50 with Dual Noctua Nf-12P 120mm Fan temps

The temps dropped a fair amount, into what most would consider very nice. 63.88* C is a very nice temp and would give the Cooler Master V10 a run for its money.

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