Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition Case Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

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The Corsair Graphite Series 600T white special edition is simply a solid case. Corsair hits the mark for the PC building market for novice through advanced builders. While building with the case I grew to like it even more.

The PC case is versatile and feature rich. Cooling can be done out of the box by air or modified by a builder for liquid cooling. This machine is well designed and hides cabling very well. Viewing the inside of the case shows elegance with white lights exposing the interior of the case rather than typical blue or red lights. Holes or ‘portals’ are everywhere for running whatever types of cables need to be run in the case. You also have plenty of I/O ports including USB 3.0 run on the top front of the case as well as a control dial for fan speeds.

Pricing of this case is right where it should be, which is $168.64 shipped. Some may think the price tag might be a little high for first time builders, but you do get all the features you need at this price. This case does cost $16 more than the standard 600T at $151.99 shipped, but if you want the color white and the interchangeable side panel inserts it’s a must have and not too much extra to pay.

I decided to contact Corsair in regards to the fan control on the front panel. Corsair includes a customer service number (1-800-222-4346) with the accessory package. I called the number and found that the number is no longer working.  I then contacted Corsair via e-mail and got a quick response with an answer to answer my question about the fan control. The setup for the fan control can be found here. Corsair also included a working phone number in the support email received, 510-657-8747. So you can have peace of mind that Corsair will stand by you and their products.

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Legit Bottom Line: Overall the Corsair 600T Special Edition white chassis is a well designed PC case that Corsair put a lot of thought behind. We feel this case is a step up from the 600T and well worth the extra money, especially if you like the white color.

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