Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition Case Review

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Installing Components

First thing I have to say is this case is designed for cable management. Anywhere there is a cable or wire there is a port to manage the cabling. All cabling runs through the back plate and nicely to its destination. The wire routing may have added a few extra minutes to assembling a PC but it is well worth it. No more than a half hour would be needed to completely assemble the case for a novice.

Motherboard Installed

The two 200mm case fans have a nice white light emanating to showcase what is inside. With the window side of the case on the contents of the box are easily seen. This is not just a good look for the gamer but also elegant for other environments.

Interior Lighting

Corsair claims this is a full tower case in a mid-tower form. For a video card this sure is true. The default configuration for a video card of 12 inches can be installed. Half of the sectional hard drive cage can be removed to up this size to 18 inches.

Video Card Size

Lighting Through Case Window

There were a couple of small caveats that I had with the case. The speed control for the case fans came with four wires. These wires are male two pin with a three pin female connection. There does not seem to be a traditional three pin Molex connection. I decided to give the 1-800-222-4346 a call. The number had an automated answer that states, “You have entered an invalid telephone number.” The manual did not have directions for this feature. I suggest that Corsair should have this number checked and a little more directions on the power cabling of this case. 

Corsair contacted me with1414in 48 hours by email with the solution for the fan that can be found here.


Rear Side After Install

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