Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition Case Review

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Case Exterior

Exterior Impressions:

The Corsair Graphite CC600TMW-WHT is as expected: a white case. There is a bit more than you would expect with the plastic case. Let’s take a look at all six sides and see what stands out.


The front panel is nicely designed. Much like the base Graphite 600T the corners are rounded. The edges gracefully curve in to the middle of the case which is really the center piece of the front panel. The center has four black mesh covers for the 3.5” bays. Just below is one easy black pop-off mesh cover with the Corsair logo at the bottom center. It covers the 200mm front case fan.


Case Front



Front Case Fan

The case has two white painted metal side panels. Both side panels have an easy to use open and close mechanism. The case easily opens by two hand held black latches. To put the door back on is an easy task with three slots on the bottom of the door so it easily fits into the case. What sets this aside is the main side panel. This side panel comes set up with a window. The side window can be changed out and be replaced with a black mesh cut out that comes with the case. The mesh also has mounts that hold an additional fan.


Right Side Panel



Window Side Panel

The rear of the case around the border matches the curves of the front. The center panel is all in black. The motherboard I/O plate is placed on the top with a Corsair case fan immediately next to the board. Seven easily removable slot covers are directly below the I/O plate. The top plate has a clever little semicircle notch for a cable pass through. Below the fans are two rubber circle portals for liquid cooling. Finally, at the bottom is the opening for the power supply.


Case Rear Side


The top panel also boasts 4 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0, IEEE 1394, fan speed controller, power button, restart button, audio in and audio out. Most of the top of the case is a mesh cover that can be easily removed in the same fashion as the front panel. The mesh cover also covers a 200mm fan.


Case Top




Top Side Fan


I/O Ports and Fan Control

The bottom panel even has features! The underside of where the power supply is has a removable fan filter. Also either side of the bottom has two larger rubber feet.


Case Bottom

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