Corsair Graphite 600T White Special Edition Case Review

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Before we get our hands on further detail of the Corsair Graphite Series CC600T white special edition case, let us see what the packaging shows.  Five of the six sides of the box, Corsair does explain with some good detail of what is inside the box.  The box seems plain at first with being all cardboard color with no color other than the black used for both graphics and text.  The packaging overall held up well in shipping with not much wear.  From website retailer to location shipped you never know how the item is handled. It was good to see this 600T was packaged well. 

The front side of the packaging at second glance does a nice job showing the Corsair brand on the top left of the case and left center big graphic of what the case looks like.  The model Graphite Series CC600T graphic at the bottom ties the front of the packaging nicely.  The Corsair motto “Brilliant Design, Inside and Out” is boasted just below Graphite Series graphic.  Finally, on the right center is a brief description of the case not only in English, but in five other languages.


Package Front

The Corsair logo is on the top and center on both side panels.  Hand holds are punched out a few inches below the Corsair logo for easy carrying.  On only one of the two side panels there is a sticker showing the case with a window side panel that can also be mesh and that the color is white.  Half way down the panel is some more information on the case such as the dimensions, material, color, model, Drive bays, cooling, expansion slots, motherboards, I/O ports and PSU.  One side panel is in three languages and there are three other languages on the opposite side.  The Graphite Series graphics on the front of the box wraps around, on this panel showing a graphic of the inside and front panel of the case.


Package Side 1



Package Side 2



Corsair does a great job on the back panel.  The Corsair Logo and Graphite Series 600T once again show up in the same place as the front panel.  The main graphic is a break away graphic of every piece of the case notated with a Letter.  The corresponding letter has a description place below the main graphic written in six languages.  This makes it very easy to see the features of the case without even opening the box.  I give kudos to Corsair for this graphic.


Package Back


Half of the panel is the Graphic 600T Graphic and motto.  The other panel has a Corsair copyright and two stickers.  The sticker on the side panel is also here.  The second sticker is the full product number CC600TWM-WHT PK1 and barcode.


Package Top



The CC600T was packaged with Styrofoam on either side while wrapped in a cheese cloth.  All glossy surfaces also have plastic removable films on top. 


Opening Package



Although this product has the Graphite Series 600T graphic easily seen on the box, the actual CC600TMW-WHT was noted with stickers after the box was manufactured. Also, there is no sign on the box showing this is a special edition as it is described on Corsair’s website.


A brown cardboard box is also included. This fits a mesh siding for the windowed door. Also, here are the extra accessories such as all needed screws in black, instructions, customer service flyer, zip ties, and a product booklet from Corsair.

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