Corsair DDR1 2GB Memory Roundup

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Testing continued

SuperPi Mod / Game Testing

Super PI Mod v1.4:

Super PI is a program a lot of enthusiasts use to benchmark overall system performance, as the program is capable of calculating pi up to 33.55 million digits on a timer. Many overclockers and enthusiasts are in a battle to get the lowest 1M Super Pi time possible.

Super Pi default Super Pi O/C

Doom 3

Doom 3 is one of the most system taxing games available. Its popularity also makes it a great choice for system benchmarking. I like to use Time Demo 1 with resolution set to 1024×768 with detail set to high.

Doom 3 default Doom 3 O/C

Far Cry

Far Cry is another super popular FPS title that seriously taxes your systems graphics. HardwareOC developed this specialized benchmarking utility that automatically runs the test twice and averages out the score. V 1.41 was used here, with a resolution of 1024×768 and detail levels set to high

Far Cry default Far Cry O/C

Keep in mind that we are not comparing these kits with each other as much as we are simply providing the results from our testing. To get an idea of how these kits perform compared to other kits available on the market please check out some of our other memory reviews here.

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