Corsair CS450M Power Supply Review

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Packaging and bundle

The box

Corsair is using a bright white cardboard box with a black/bright green theme for the packaging of the new CS450M, a box very similar to that of the older CX series. The packaging is good and the PSU is well protected inside, which should be enough protection during transportation.

The box (rear)

Although it looks like that Corsair has printed the entire manual on the rear side of the packaging, only the most important features are being noted, in six different languages. The charts and tables however include ample information regarding the performance of the power supply.

Bundled items

As expected, Corsair supplies only the bare essentials with the CS450M. Inside the box we only found an AC power cable, basic mounting screws, a basic leaflet and the modular cables of the power supply. The cables are being formed by all-black wires that have been bonded together, forming “flat-type” cables, without any exterior sleeving. The 450W version offers one 8-pin PCI Express connector, three Molex connectors and four SATA connectors, as well as the standard 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS connectors. Corsair also supplies a Molex to floppy adapters.

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  • Abbie Hoffman

    WTH? Good job on the worthless pictures with the blurred specs we cannot see! Oh and thanks for the hard info you never gave to us on the amount of amps and watts on the 12v rail! How do you idiots keep your jobs?

    • Carlos

      Wow dude, take a chill pill brah 😉

  • Jason D

    Got this PSU for $29 (using bitcoins to buy it), at tiger-direct. Makes a great single-card setup with any CPU and most GPU’s with a single SSD for the hard-drive. Keeps the PSU at the 50%-75% range, where it is most efficient, when gaming.

  • Kevin Vesga

    Anyone else find it strange that the power supplies are priced in tiny $10 increments? The 750W seems fine but the rest seem overpriced by comparison.