Corsair Cooling Ice T30 TEC Memory Cooler Review

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T30 and Bundle Images

Before I tear into the waterblock let’s take a look at the complete kit. Corsair provides the end-user with everything necessary to operate the T30 on either a 3/8″ or 1/2″ watercooling system.

Corsair T30 Packaging

In typical Corsair style the T30 comes in plain white cardboard box with the Corsair logo clearly visible.

Corsair T30 Bundle

The box itself is packed full of all the bits and bobs necessary to prepare the T30 for operation.

Corsair T30 Accessories

Corsair has included a set of 3/8″ to 1/2″ adapters which were immensely helpful given how my watercooling loop was based around 1/2″ tubing. It would be nice to see a set of 1/2″ barbs made for this kit as I imagine some watercooling enthusiasts would be put off by the clunky adapters.

Corsair T30

The T30 matches the Dominator GT color scheme with a black body and red accents. The black and red wires are the peltier power lines and the gray cable is the temperature probe that provides the powersupply with temperature data.

Corsair T30C

The bottom of the T30 is rather plain. The two slits in the heatsink are milled out for screws that will attach the Dominator GT memory modules to the bottom of the T30.

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