Corsair Carbide Series 400R Case Review

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Packaging and Accessories


Legit Reviews recently has reviewed other Corsair cases and the package is very consistent across the Obsidian, Graphite, and Carbide series. The construction of the packaging is very sturdy with standard cardboard coloring. All graphics and text are one color, black.

The Font of the Box

The Front of the box has a large Graphic of the Carbide Series 400R off center on the case’s right side. There is a detailed statement from Corsair next to the graphic filling in the rest of the front panel. Just below is the Carbide 400R Graphic. The trademark statement of Brilliant Design in and out foots the bottom of the panel

Package Front

The Back of the Box

The Graphic on the back is very detailed. The tear away graphic shows the Carbide 400R part by part, organized in A – I fashion. Six languages are shown below the graphic side by side detailing all 9 parts.

Package Back

The Side Panels

The side panels do mirror each other except for languages. Either panel has three separate languages in the same order as shown on the front panel. More details are listed on the side panels of what the Carbide Series 400R contains. Corsair clearly shows it’s graphic atop of the details with 400R graphic just below. Under the details are also two graphics depicting the case from different angles. Of course the the trademark statement foots the bottom.



The Top Side

The top of the box is pretty nondescript. A Carbide 400R Graphic is on one Flap. A model number sticker and serial number sticker are attached on the other flap.

Top side

The Inside Packaging

The Carbide Series 400R comes packaged with Styrofoam capping off either end. The mid-tower case is also in wrapped in plastic. The case came with out any damage, and honestly is well protected for shipment all around.

Opened Package

The Extras

The accessory bundle that comes with the Carbide 400R contains a users manual and a red support sheet that lists contact information. Also included was a white box that contained all the necessary case screws, zip ties and some optional wire management clips.

The Extras

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