Corsair AX860 Modular Power Supply Review

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Unboxing the Corsair AX860

The box

Corsair supplies the AX860 in a dark cardboard box with glossy red decoration, instilling a serious, professional theme. The box is very sturdy and the walls are thick, with the AX860 well secured between polyethylene foam slabs on the inside as well as wrapped inside a reusable cloth pouch, ensuring its safe transportation.

The box (rear)

The company virtually turned the back side of the box into a short manual, fitting a table with the electrical specifications of the AX860, two graphs displaying the efficiency and the acoustics of the power supply, a list with the number of connectors and a description of its major features.


Inside the box we found a black and white manual, the necessary A/C power cable, a set of mounting screws, a few small cable ties and a case sticker. There is also a nylon bag which holds all of the unit’s cables, since it’s a fully modular design. The Molex, Floppy and SATA cables are all-black, flat cables. Corsair used black sleeving on the rest of the cables but also used only black cables rather than color-coded, which definitely looks much better. Unfortunately there are no cable straps, which is a common sight in high end power supply bundles. 

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