Corsair AX760i Digital Power Supply Review

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Corsair AX760i Review Conclusion

Corsair’s AX series is all about the
greatest possible performance in order to please the most hardcore of
technology enthusiasts. The AX760i is exactly the product for those who want to
buy an AX1200i for its unbelievable electrical performance but do not really
need that kind of power. The electrical performance of this power supply is
ridiculously good, with a voltage regulation of less than 0.8% and a maximum
voltage ripple of 20mV at maximum load. On the other hand, the great electrical
efficiency and design of the AX760i allows it to operate very quietly, even
entirely fanless at low loads, meaning that the fan of this power supply will
be stopped while a gaming computer is idling or running simple desktop
applications, allowing casual gamers and enthusiasts to work in an entirely
quiet environment when they just want to browse the net or work with common
desktop applications. It is very likely that the fan will never even start if
the AX760i is used to power computers which are not heavily overclocked and use
a single VGA card. For those who favor thermal performance over acoustics, remember
that the DSP interface allows the user to program a custom cooling profile
through Corsair’s Link interface.


Corsair’s Link is certainly an
innovative feature, quite useful for adept users and experienced enthusiasts,
which will certainly applause the ability to have full control over their
hardware with a few mouse button clicks. In its current version, the Link
offers virtually endless monitoring capabilities from all of the system’s
devices (CPU temperature, fan speeds, etc.), allows the user to tweak the
cooling profiles of the power supply, even create virtual OCP rails on the
connected equipment. Corsair currently offers more parts which support the Link
interface, such as RAM modules which offer real-time monitoring of their
temperature and activity through the same piece of software. In time we will
likely see more devices with the ability to connect on the Link interface,
giving enthusiasts more and more flexible control over their hardware

Filtering stage

Even though Flextronics is a new
player in the retail market, we were impressed with their work on the AX1200i.
Today, they impressed us once again as the AX760i is every bit as well made as
the larger AX1200i, with an excellent design and assembly. Alongside the
numerous protection circuits, Corsair also opted for the very best parts and
components available for retail power supplies, making the AX760i virtually
indestructible, which is no wonder why they decided to cover this product with
a 7 year long warranty.

 The AX760i

It would appear that once again the
only handicap of the AX760i is its retail price. With an MSRP of $229.99 the
AX760i is $120 cheaper than the AX1200i, yet it still is considerably more expensive
than any other power supply having a similar power output. The long warranty
and extreme performance of the power supply do offset the high cost but it will
still place the AX760i out of the budget of most potential buyers.

LR Recommended Award

Legit Bottom Line: Taking all of the above points into
consideration, the overall performance of the AX760i is unbelievably good,
making this power supply perhaps the best product in the 700W to 800W range
that money can buy at this point of time. On the other hand however, the price
tag is sure to burn a hole in your wallet, making the AX760i a product for
those willing to pay the premium price for the best possible performance and


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