Corsair AX760i Digital Power Supply Review

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External Design of the AX760i

The Corsair AX760i PSU

As expected, the AX760i externally
is exactly like a mini AX1200i. The length has been reduced to 160mm
(6.3″), making the AX760i compatible with any ATX-compliant system. The
power supply is black, with stickers attached to its sides and a decorative
bottom part where the embossed ribs of the chassis are aligned with the fan’s

Side stickers

The side stickers of the AX760i are
black but highly glossy as well. The company logo can be seen towards the left
side of the sticker, although it is the model’s logo which dominates.

Top side sticker

The sticker with the detailed
electrical specifications of the AX760i has been placed on the top side of the
chassis, where it will be visible through a windowed side panel only if the
case has the PSU mounting area towards its bottom and the unit’s fan is still
facing downwards.

Rear Side

Despite the fact that this power
supply can output “only” 64% of the power the AX1200i was capable of
delivering, the rear side of the unit remains littered with connectors for the
numerous modular cables. There are six connectors for PCIe devices and CPU EPS
cables, a paired set of connectors for the 24-pin ATX cable, six connectors for
the SATA/Molex device cables and a small connector for the Corsair Link USB
interface. Finally, there is also a small self-test button with a LED next to
it, for basic diagnosing purposes. The self-test switch runs a diagnostic check on all voltage lines, as well as the fan, indicating whether the unit operates properly. If all cables are installed in the
aforementioned connectors, the AX760i provides a total of two EPS 12V
connectors, six 6+2 pin PCIe connectors, eight Molex connectors and twelve SATA
connectors; a very healthy number of connectors considering the output of this
power supply. There are also two floppy disk adapters but which negate one
Molex connector each if used.

Front Side

The front side of the AX760i is
quite standard for a modern power supply, with most of it being perforated. The
standard on/off switch and power plug receptacle are to be found, as well as a
small sticker with the unit’s logo.

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