Corsair AX760i Digital Power Supply Review

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Unboxing the Corsair AX760i

The box

The AX760i comes supplied inside a
dark cardboard box with glossy red decoration. The walls of the box are very
thick and the power supply is well secured between polyethylene foam slabs, as
well as wrapped inside a reusable cloth pouch.

The box (Rear)

On the rear side of the packaging,
Corsair fit the table with the electrical specifications of the AX760i, two
graphs displaying the efficiency and the acoustics of the power supply, as well
as a short description of the DSP/Corsair Link interface.

Bundled items

As far as extra’s and fancy features
are concerned, Corsair simply does not provide any. The purchaser of the AX760i
will only find the necessary A/C power cable, a set of mounting screws, a few
small cable ties and a case sticker. There is also a nylon bag which holds all
of the unit’s cables, since it’s a fully modular design. The Molex, Floppy and
SATA cables are all-black, flat cables. Corsair used black sleeving on the rest
of the cables but also used only black cables rather than color-coded, which
definitely looks much better. Although the bundle is pretty standard for a
power supply, we would have liked to see at least a few cable straps included
with it. 

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