Corsair 3GB (2GB + 1GB) DDR2 667 Mac Notebook Memory Upgrade

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Corsair 3GB Mac Memory Upgrade

As a struggling Windows recoverer, one of the things that drew me to the Mac to begin with was the ability to run Windows as well as OSX.  (Of course, you can run Linux as well on a Mac if you like).  I am like most people, I am a creature of habit, and once you get in a groove with something (like an OS) you tend to like your productivity and the ability to do things quickly without thinking about it.  When I made the switch to OSX, I made it thinking I would be in Windows quite often, until I got the hang of OSX.  That has not been the case at all, and though it has nothing to do with this review, my switch to Mac and OSX has been easier than switching from Windows XP to Vista. 

Anyways, I made the switch, thinking I would be in Windows a lot by using a virtual machine, which would consume a lot of resources, let alone running a virtual machine with Vista.  I was right int he resource consumption.  Vista is a hog, and made the machine very feminine (never knowing what mood it would be in).  That was the whole reason for the 3GB upgrade.  Was it worth it?  You bet it was!  Anyone that needs to run Windows and OSX at the same time needs to have 3GB (or 4 if you have the Santa Rosa chipset) in their machine.  It simply makes life easier.

With all that fluff said, the Corsair 3GB Mac Upgrade Kit was perfect for me.  It scored well in our testing, made the machine run faster, and gave me the ability to be productive in a multi-OS environment.  Corsairs ram has a life time warranty, which means a lot when you know it is backed by a company like Corsair.  At this moment, the Corsair 3GB VSA3GSDSKIT667D2 Mac Memory Upgrade Kit can be had for right at $160, which is much cheaper than buying a ram upgrade form Apple directly.

Legit Bottom Line:  Corsair is a great brand to have in your Macbook Pro!  This 3GB kit from Corsair is a great performer and reasonably priced.  If you are looking to run intensive programs on your Mac book Pro, then this is the kit you want to get!

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