Corsair 2GB PC2-6400 C3 DDR2 Memory Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

After using Corsair’s PC2-6400C3 modules for a number of months I have to agree with Corsair’s statement that claims Looking at numbers and reading me talk about overclocking performance sometimes doesn’t help all the visual learners out there.

Overclocking Results at 4-4-4-12 Timings

Final Thoughts and Conclusions:

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After reviewing ten enthusiast brand lines from eight companies I feel confident to call Corsair’s PC2-6400C3 memory line the ultimate enthusiast memory on the market today.  Thanks to ability to run super tight CL3 timings up over 880MHz and CL4 timings well over 1.1GHz these modules will give gamers and overclockers ample room to best optimize their system performance. Corsair made the smart move to use Micron D9 IC’s on their PC2-6400C3 modules and thanks to super tight screening they are able to produce these kits in volume and ship a product that exceeds current expectations.

The only downside to the modules is the high price tag that comes on them.  Right now these modules will set you back $452, which is a hefty price tag to pay for a kit of memory.  If you want to play you got to pay, and with all the additional screening and fallout that Corsair is left with the bill is passed along to the consumers.

With pricing covered we have no gripes or concerns with these modules.  We simply love them and these are the only modules that we would suggest buying for your future Intel Conroe or AMD AM2 platforms.   It just doesn’t get much better than this folks. The Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400C3 has become the first and only kit of PC2-6400 memory that we have reviewed that has earned the coveted Editor’s Choice award for kicking ass and blowing the competition out of the water. Someone needs to thank the engineers (Robert, George, Martin and Dan) in the test lab at Corsair Memory for finding a memory line that has left overclockers and gamers floored.  If you are building a high end gaming or overclocking system and can afford these modules look no further as this is the kit you need to buy.

Editor's Choice

The Legit Bottom Line: Corsair’s 2GB XMS2 PC2-6400C3 memory series clearly shows why Corsair has dominated and continues to dominate the enthusiast memory industry.  Corsair’s PC2-6400C3 memory is our top choice for DDR2 memory in today’s market.

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