CoolIT Systems ECO A.L.C. 240 CPU Cooler Review

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Final Thoughts and Conclusion

CoolIT Systems ECO ALC 240

CoolIT Systems has been bringing water cooling kits to market for a couple of years now. They are starting to get more popular as users want the quiet operation and benefits of water, but don’t have the budget or desire to drop $200+ on a custom water cooling solution. So more and more companies like Asetek, CoolIT Systems and Corsair are starting to make coolers like this. Of all the kit coolers I have tested this is the first with a 240mm radiator. This has some good and bad points.

The good is that the performance is better than the 120mm radiator kits we have looked at before, aside from the Corsair H70 that gave a good fight. The bad is that it will severely limit your case options unless you are handy and feel like modding a case. As I found with my Cooler Master HAF-912 case, even though it was setup to be able to mount a 240mm radiator it was intended to have the radiator externally mounted. This is not an issue with a custom loop, but with the sealed kits you can’t cut lines and re-run them. So care should be taken in choosing your case.

Outside of the issue with the case vents lining up with the fans the install was easy; it took less than 5 minutes start to finish. The stock fans are not too noisy; they are noticeable, but you’re not going to turn up the TV so you can hear it over the fans.

Currently the best price I could find for the ECO ALC 240 is on CoolIT Systems online store. The kit costs $124.99 with the option to add another pair of fans for $28.00. Also, currently the Corsair H70 can be found for $92.74 shipped. Out of the box the performance level on both coolers is close, but the ECO 240 with quad fans starts to shine, that is, if it fits in your case. Keep in mind The CoolIT ECO A.L.C. 240 costs $60.27 more than the H70 in this configuration and you still have to pay for shipping and handling. If you buy it directly from CoolIT Systems that will cost you $83.37 for FedEx International Economy or $101.27 International Priority. Now you are talking about a price difference of $143.63! If you are looking to buy one of these in the United States you’ll need to find a retailer here in the US to avoid the high shipping costs. Unfortunately, we found out that Newegg, TigerDirect and even Amazon don’t carry this advanced liquid cooler!

Legit Bottom Line: The ECO ALC 240 is a solidly performing cooler from CoolIT Systems. Even better when set up with quad fans. Costing only $125 and a coming with 2 year warranty it’s not a too costly way to get water cooling, if you have a case that can accommodate it.

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