CoolIT Eco Versus Traditional Water Cooling at CES 2010

People always say that building your own water cooling loop is the way to go, but are they right? We got talking with Geoff Lyon, CEO, CoolIT Systems and he showed us his latest water cooling technology called the Eco versus a traditional water cooling loop that he built using off the shelf parts. The results were a little shocking to be honest. Check out the video clip below to hear Geoff Lyon talk about his new $75 Eco water cooling kit.

The CoolIT ECO A.L.C CPU cooler breaks a world record for the ultimate price/performance cooling benchmark. “Our aim is to continue removing barriers of entry for liquid cooling while continuing to set the performance standard in the industry” explained Lyon “The ECO will easily find its way into mainstream PC systems and the homes of budget-conscious, high performance PC users”. Many refinements have been made to the ECO’s pump, radiator and water block resulting in a factory-sealed, maintenance free, easy-to-install, whisper quiet, superb performance and great-value cooling solution. “We’re extremely confident the ECO will best any air or water cooling solution in performance and price” stated Lyon.
The ECO retails for just $74.99 and is available now.

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